Learning Circle My Hero Project 2010
Abdesalam Zouita, Lâayoune, Morocco

This is our contribution in the project of my Hero. There are about twelve students who have been active.

Our contribution is first collected through a various web tools. Our aim was to facilitate the students tasks: we have used Ning, skype, Wiki and our emails to keep communicated. Also, we have met for several times to better deliver the message for everyone. The students have been actively involved.
School: Mohamed V High School
Learning Circles: My Hero project

Ibn Sina

By: Hajar from Laayoune

The Prophet Mohamed

By: Fadili and Soubaai from Laayoune

King Hassan II

By: Yassine from Laayoune

Khalid ibn al Walid

By: Hamouch from Laayoune