Jim Carrey

by Matthew Gratzl from Del Norte


Jim Carrey grew up from a poor family, into a rich well known actor and comedian; the success of his acting career was because of his comedic genius. When he was a kid his father lost his job and Jim had to get a job to help support the family. In order to do this he pursued the job of a successful actor/ comedian. Jim Carrey's behavior as a kid helped him with his dream of becoming famous. Jim Carrey's, Father, Percy, was an accountant, saxophonist, homemaker and factory worker. Jim had a daughter named Jane. Jim Carrey was well known for being a comedian, class clown, actor and comic genius. (Jim Carrey - Official Site). Jim Carrey's successes included great movies, making a huge life for himself, making the world laugh. Some important event dates were in 1979; Carrey conquered the people that booed him off stage at Yuk Yuk's. In 1990- Present day. Location: Los Angeles Brentwood District, California. Some important places to Jim Carrey is his hometown in Newmarket Ontario, Canada, the movie set, and being on stage. (Jim Carrey - Official Site). Jim Carrey deserves the title of hero because he can make anyone in the entire world laugh and they enjoy his movies. The only way Jim achieved this was by having the ability to perform these hilarious acts ever since he was just a little boy.

Jim became a rich actor from being a child raised in a poor family. Jim Carrey lived in a poor family, this happened when his father was laid off in the 50's; which resulted in the whole family needing to get a job. Jim Carrey did not do well in school and he did not have many friends because of this, Carrey had to use his funniness to get friends (Jim Carrey - Official Site). Jim's funny side helped him become one of the funniest actors in the world and a rich actor. Jim was a child that did not have much, but then he worked his way up as a successful actor and comedian. Jim Carrey's ability to act and to be a comedian has given him the upper hand in becoming a successful actor/comedian. To conclude Jim Carrey has not always been a rich actor and had to work very hard to become what he is today.

Over the years Jim Carrey has made hilarious movies. The many movies that Jim has made have become the funniest movies people have ever seen. Many of Jim's movies are funny and have won many awards. Jim Carrey has made many movies and has starred in many TV shows and almost every single movie has him showing his comedic genius. Jim Carrey has funny movies that are well known to most everyone. To conclude, mostly all of Jim Carrey's movies and television shows he is acting like a goofball and making the audience laugh and trying to make that movie or show a hit.

Jim Carrey has won many awards for his outstanding funniness and being a good actor. Jim Carrey has received many awards for his movies that he has won over the years. He has won 35 awards over the years and the hardest ones he got are the 1999 Golden Globe and the 2000 Golden Globe award. ("Jim Carrey Award and Nominations" This shows the many awards that Jim Carrey has won, and most of these are for his funny movies. These are the many awards that Jim Carrey has won over the years for his movies: "2001 Jim won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award, in 1998 he won Blockbuster entertainment award, in 1995 Jim won the blockbuster entertainment award, in 1999 he won BSFC Award, 1998 won Canadian walk of fame, 2000 won golden globe, 1999 won golden globe award, 1995 won ALFS award, 1999 Won Grace Award, 2009 won MTV movie award, 2006 won MTV generation award, 2001 won MTV movie award" ("Jim Carrey Award and Nominations" Most of these are hard and outstanding awards to achieve, but Jim persevered and won the awards listed above, which are not all of Jim Carrey's awards but are the ones that are really hard to achieve. Jim Carrey has been an outstanding actor and was able to get these awards by his outstanding talent and comedic genius.

The reason Jim Carrey deserves the title of a hero is because he can be funny in front of many people and can make whoever he meets laugh or can make audiences laugh. Through the years many people around the world have came to love Jim Carrey and his outstanding way of getting anyone to laugh. From being a poor child to a well known actor/comedian, Carrey has won the likings of people around the world. Jim Carrey inspires me because he never gave up on his dream of becoming famous even when he got booed of the stage at Yuk Yuk's bar when he was 15. He has followed his dream and became the most well known person in the movie business. The whole story of Jim Carrey has been great to learn because every person has troubles even actors when they are kids and then become something great.

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