Wellington Elementary School

My Hero Call to Action

Our class of 39 students in Grade 4 and 5 took part in the My Hero Call to action learning circle in the Spring of 2011. We completed an earlier study of heroes in the fall session and students wrote essays about their own heroes. At the end of the project, students were asked to make a resolution, and then asked how there actions will have a positive effect on the world.

Allisha-I will get some stuff and put it in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. This action will give more children supplies they need like pencils, toothbrushes, clothes and toys.

Thomas-I will protest at parliament to use more cars that run on batteries or cleaner fuels. It will help the air, make less pollution and make it easier to breathe.

Colby-I will plant more trees because it will save the forests and create more oxygen.

Mitchell-I resolve to plant seeds to grow trees, and I will reduce, reuse and recycle everything I can. This action will make trees to produce oxygen, and it will help provide food for the poor people. My reducing, reusing and recycling will create less garbage and be better for the trees.

Aaron-I will plant more trees. We will have more oxygen for all the people in the city. It will also provide shade when we are hot.

Isaak-I will plant more trees. It will be good for the animals.

Anthony-I want to be like David Suzuki. He tells kids about littering, cutting down trees, polluting the lakes and electricity. His solution is not to pollute the lakes, rivers and oceans. This will help kids in the future, but having less garbage and cleaner water.

Riley-I resolve to use my bicycle to go and pick up trash with a garbage pole strapped to my bicycle. This will clean my community and conserve energy.

Mackenzie-When I get older, I want to go to countries where there is shark fishing. I want to teach the people that sharks are an important part of the food chain. If we just take the fins it will kill lots of sharks and be bad for the environment. If we stop killing sharks for their fins, it will help the sharks and help the ecosystem.

Isaiah-I resolve to plant trees and use my bike more. This will help to not contaminate the environment.

Kayla-When I grow up, I will go live in Toronto and sew clothes, make food and give to the poor. It will help provide food, shelter, clothing and health for the poor people. I will do this for sure. It has always been my dream.

Sofie-I resolve to recycle paper and plastic and cans. It will help reduce garbage.

Damian C.-I resolve to drive less and bike more. If you drive all the time, you’re polluting the air. You walk and bike and you are helping the air and your health.

Cooper-I will plant more trees so we can have more oxygen. We can save more animals also.

Katie-When I grow up, I’m going to fly to India. I’m taking clothes, food and fresh water. I’m making a food stand and clothes stand and will give it away for free. I will also bring a nurse and a doctor and help sick people.

Tristan-I resolve to treat people more like people, plant more trees, go outside more, remember to turn off the lights, watch less t.v., play less video games, always tell the truth and do what is right for others before myself. People will respect me more, we will have more oxygen, more power. People will believe me more and do what is right.

Tyler-I resolve to save my money and donate it to cancer research. This action will help people suffering from cancer.

Kazia-I will gather up some toys that me and my sister don’t play with anymore and donate them to children who do not have any.


Sarah-I will write a song to raise awareness and money for the falcon and other animals that are going extinct like the golden back toad. Hopefully one day, these animals can survive and people will see what we are doing to harm them. Hopefully we can change before it’s too late.

Seth-I won’t make fun of others. Instead, I will try to make them happy.

A.J.-I will help the world by making eco friendly inventions like Albert Einstein. I will use nuclear energy. It will help reduce pollution and green house gases.

Deven-I will use rain barrels to collect water and use less tap water for things like our pool. It will be less wasteful.

Jacobe-I will raise money for poor people. I will also donate some toys to the poor.

Danielle-I will raise money for cancer research and for the poor people.

Madison-I will try to keep my community clean, just like my hero, David Suzuki. I am inspired with his work and I look up to him. I will plant more plants and trees to help make the air cleaner.

Christian-I will try to raise money for cancer research to help those who have cancer.

William M.-I will collect rain in rain barrels to try to save water. This will help to save our water supply.

Moranda-I will plant more trees to help the environment.

Logan-I will plant at least 2 trees and make a rain barrel. Then I’ll use the rain barrel to water the trees. This will provide more oxygen and conserve water.

Kenzie-I will raise money for cancer research to help people who have cancer.

Lucas-I will help the environment by planting more trees.

Jacob-I will convince my family to help the environment more.