SUAS Ljubljana, Slovenia

It takes all sorts of people to make a world. - Douglas Jerrold

SUAS Ljubljana is the acronym for Secondary School of Administration Ljubljana. The school is situated in the centre of the capital of Slovenia. We have done this project as a workshop. Students from different classes participated. In our case, there were nine students from two third-year classes. In the end, seven wrote about their heroes. Most of their work was done at home. Everybody enjoyed learning about their peers from different countries, the schools, and places where they live.
Helena Dobersek, SUAS, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jolanda Ceplak

By: Kristina from Ljubljana

Angelina Jolie

By: Mateja from Ljubljana

Joze Plecnik

By: Zana from Ljubljana

Nusa Derenda

By: Brigita from Ljubljana

France Preseren

By: Tea from Ljubljana

Zoran Jankovic

By: Tina from Ljubljana

Leona Lewis

By: Vanesa from Ljubljana