SUAS Ljubljana, Slovenia

My Hero 2009

"We bring young people from all over the world closer together."

We are a group of high school students from Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are all second and third graders and we have all really enjoyed getting to know other peers from all over the world. We have learnt and found out something about how other young people live and study. We might say we have found out that we have got much in common. My Hero Project is a great way for young people to come together and share their thoughts and opinions. We have realized that all our heroes have at least one thing in common: some kind of talent and we also believe that each human being has a special talent to do good in some way and we think each should pursue such a talent.
Tanja Rojc, SUAS, Poljanska 24, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ivan Tavcar

By: Natasa from Ljubljana

Marija Terezija

By: Diana from Ljubljana

Valentin Vodnik

By: Snezana from Ljubljana

Britney Jean Spears

By: Vesna from Ljubljana

Toše Proeski

By: Sladana from Ljubljana

Todor Toše Proeski

By: Natasa from Ljubljana

zlato plesnik

By: Ziga from Ljubljana

Christopher Richard Stringini

By: Erna from Ljubljana

DJ Tiesto

By: Barbara from Ljubljana

Todor (Tose) Proeski

By: Amela from Ljubljana

Beverley Mitchell

By: Marinka from Ljubljana

Tina Turner

By: Maja from Ljubljana