My Hero Learning Circle - Elementary - May 2010

Awesome stories of heroism from kids around the world.

My Hero Learning Circles is an online global exchange that has My Hero partnered with Teachers and students from around the world learn about each others cultures, communities, countries and of course, their heroes. The world is brought into each of their classrooms and their classrooms into the world. This particular Elementary circle is the largest ever (14 classes from USA, Morocco, Canada and Romania) and the most active! The My Hero Project thanks you for all your hard work and for your amazing results, that everyone can see on this page. From kindergarten kids using the Gallery to kids with no computers completing bilingual stories to kids interviewing their heroes on camera to all the amazing kids in this circle that figured out who makes a difference in their lives and our world... THANK YOU. I encourage everyone who sees this to take some time and click through ALL of the classes in this new archive of heroism as seen through the eyes of our children. Have a great summer. - Wendy

World Map Displaying classes participating in the My Hero Learning Circle - Elementary

Credit: Renee Waters grade five class, Reeds Spring, MO, USA

"It was such a great time , the time we shared, my students and I, with you during this project.We enjoyed researching and writing about our heroes. As we enjoy reading about yours! No doubt this experience will gather us again by the next year! We wish to everyone a happy summer vacation." - Aziz

"The 4th grade students and I really enjoyed being part of this learning circle. Every class, every teacher and every student really seemed to get into the project, including the 4th grade class at the Saddle River Day School. We loved reading (and looking at the artwork) of the other schools. This was the first year I participated and I really felt comfortable with the way we all helped each other out when needed. Take care everyone...enjoy your summer!" - Laura

"My kindergarten friends and I have enjoyed this project so much!! We all have learned so much and our "world" has been opened. As an "old" teacher I have really ventured into new territory and have never regretted a minute of this wonderful project. It is sad to say farewell to all of our new friends. We wish everyone the best and hope to be with you again on another project. Wishing everyone a super summer!!!" - Beth

"Thank you so much for participating in this learning circle with us this spring. My kids loved doing their webpages and all the work that led up to it. Working and collaborating with teachers from both in and out of our country gave me and my students a great perspective on different places and students, as well as great new teaching ideas!" - Gabby

"We have enjoyed getting to know all of the classes in our learning circle. My students and I have learned a lot about the various heroes from the My Hero project. It is great to see that anyone can be a true hero." - Alisha

"I have enjoyed this project very much and I will likely participate in another learning circle next year.  It has been a pleasure meeting all of you and your students.  The level of energy and dedication you have given your students throughout this project is evident in the wonderful hero stories that have been told." - Kim

" My students have really enjoyed this project and getting to know each and every class that is participating in this project. Thank you to all for such a great learning experience!" - Ashley

"We are a special team from Emil Isac School, Cluj Napoca. We are crazy about English and we do not mind working extra. We want to meet children from other countries and their heroes. It was great to see my students so excited and so involved in this My Hero Learning Circle." - Ildiko

"Through this project we have enjoyed learning about each other, both in our classroom and around the world. We decided ANYone can be a hero! Any one of us. To be a hero to someone else, it does not matter how much power, money or fame you have. What matters is what you do with the talents and gifts you have been given." - Renee

"Thank you so much for welcoming my class and myself into this Learning Circle.  It has been such a wonderful experience and something everyone will hold with them forever." - Ashley

"It has been a great experience for my class in many ways. We have ventured to many areas of the world which is an experience many young students do not receive. I have learned many things in technology as well which makes this a great learning experience for myself. Thank you all for sharing your class and the awesome hero projects. I wish everyone a great summer!" - Kim

"My classroom decided that we would embark on a journey of our own local heroes. This journey brought to us several exciting and interesting guest speakers. Through this experience we learned a lot about our community and what it means to be a hero. In the end we decided to make a digital storybook of our class in the form of a predictable book. I hope you enjoy our classroom experience as much as we did." - Sara