Miss Baker's 6th Grade Communication Arts Class

Excellence in Writing, Art and Film

This is the first time my class and I have participated in Project Based Learning. We divided into four groups: two groups submitted essays, one group submitted art, and one group submitted a short film. We had great opportunities for real life learning as we had guest speakers, correspondences from school communities across the globe, and great in depth discussions. Project Based Learning is engaging for every student involved. I'm very pleased with our final products and very excited to be a part of the MY HERO Project.

Tis-Lakes Humane Society

By: Tannah, Darian, Lauren, Hailey, Matt, Jacob

United Way of America

By: Racheal, Katelyn, Donovan, Raina, Breeanna, Clayton, Eth...

James River Basin Partnership

By: Katie, Jasmine, Sebastian, Amanda, Mason, Adia, Courtney