Hidd Intermediate Secondary Girl's School

MY HERO-Bahrain - Learning Circle 2009

Teacher Afaf Hassan Ebrahim and his students from Hidd Intermediate Secondary Girl's School in Bahrain participated in the My Hero Learning Circles... here are their heroes.


By: Layla from Arad, Bahrain

Sawsan Nasser

By: Fatima from Bahrain

Ahmed Al Shukairi

By: Noora Alammadi from Arad, Bahrain
He says: " I am not a scientist, I am not a mufti. I am just a young adult "

Queen Elizabeth I

By: Amina from Manama, Bahrain
“Better beggar woman and single than Queen and married.”

My Mother

By: Zainab from Arad, Bahrain
"My Mother As My Hero " Zainab A. Muttleb

Ahmed Zewail

By: Hajar from Arad, Bahrain

My Mother

By: Gadnana from Arad, Bahrain