HEROES by school 6, Murom, Russia

Shared by N. G. Shigarova's students of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th grades.
My Hero Learning Circle 2010

"The really great person is the person who makes everybody feel great". G.K.Chesterton, English writer (1874-1936)
Learning so many various "great people" all around the world while working on the "My Hero" project made us really happy and inspired to the stories we are sharing now.

The participants of the MY Hero Project from school 6, Murom, Russia

Yuri Gagarin

By: Anna from Murom

Fedor Garanin

By: Nastya from Murom

Billie Joe Armstrong

By: Alexandra from Murom

Peter I

By: Julia from Murom

Andrei Arshavin

By: Artyom from Murom

Tatyana Navka

By: Ksenya from Murom

Maria Semenova

By: Leonid from Murom

Catherine II, a Great Russian Queen

By: Maria Galkina

A great Russian painter, Vasnetsov V.M.

By: Anastasya Dementyeva

Alexey Maresyev

By: Egor from Murom

Leonid Roshal

By: Andrew from Murom

Jared Leto

By: Alina from Murom

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev

By: Vasily from Murom, Russia

Ilya Dvorzov

By: Asya from Murom

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

By: Vitaly from Murom

Tatyana Totmyanina

By: Alina from Murom

Lady Diana

By: Kate from Murom
Why did she win the hearts of millions and millions of people in many countries?

Edward R. Murphy

By: Ruslan from Murom

Christopher Paul Gardner

By: Nikita from Murom
"You can only depend on yourself. The cavalry won`t come."

Yuri Gagarin

By: Karina from Murom

Andrei Sakharov

By: Dima from Murom

My parents

By: Arseny from Murom

Leonid Roshal

By: Lala from Murom