Gavasi Public School

Learning Circle 2011

I have been working with the students of 9-11 on this project. This is our first year to participate in it. My students have experience in exchange programmes with Cairo American College, Esparto High School CA (USA), schools in different parts of Georgia. The FFG (Future Farmers of Georgia) a students' organisation, was first formed information about them in our school. They are involved in extra curricular activities at school, but the MY HERO Learning Circle was new for us.

Our students stories

My Mother

By: Dato from Gavazi, Georgia

King Farnaozi

By: Valeri from Gavazi, Georgia

Dimitri Kipiani

By: Lika from Gavazi, Georgia

Queen Tamar Bagrationi

By: Nika from Kvareli

Ilia Chavchavadze

By: Vazha from Gavazi, Georgia

Ilia Chavchvadze

By: Vakho from Gavazi, Georgia
Mikheil Saakashvili opened Gavasi Public School on 9 November 2010. Gavazi School is involved in the project WWW (World Without Wallls) with Cairo American College. One of their visit in Gavazi.

Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili visited Gavazi School

American College students and Gavazi schoolchildren in Gavazi