Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

by Nicholas from USA

There are many heroes people can look up to. My hero is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He was born on October 10, 1974. He was brought up in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and currently lives in Mooresville, North Carolina. He is 30 years old. He is a NASCAR racer who has won many races and promoted the sport of racing.

Dale, Jr. grew up in a family that loved to race. At a young age, Dale and his brother, Kerry, would build their own cars to race. Dale’s father, Dale Earnhardt, was one of the best NASCAR racers ever. Dale was inspired to race because of his father. Dale loved to watch his father race.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. started his racing career at the age of 17. Every season Dale just kept getting better and better. In 1997, Dale won the Raybestos Rookie of the Year Award. In 1998, Dale won the Coca-Cola 500. At the end of that year, Dale had an astonishing seven wins. The Winston Cup is a prized item in NASCAR and Dale has won it seven times

In Dale’s first race at the NAPA 300, he crashed his car. Dale’s hero is his father. His father lost his life in a very tragic accident while racing. Dale said, “We’ll get through this.” He works hard in memory of his dad. He wants to be the best he can.

In my eyes, Dale is determined, hardworking, passionate, and respectful. I look up to him when I am not doing well in hockey and I can’t seem to get better. I know he felt frustrated when he didn't do well at racing sometimes, too. He helps me keep working toward my dream. Also, since he lost his father, I looked to him when my father was very ill. When I thought of him, I felt better. He always respects NASCAR and loves his sport of racing.

Dale is an inspiration to me. I have made many changes in the way I do things because of him. He has helped me get through some hard times. He inspires me to keep trying to fulfill my dream to play in the NHL. Also, when my dad was sick I thought of him and I felt better to know I wasn’t the only one to have a dad near death.

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