Jane Goodall

by Jaden from Anmore, Canada

Jane Goodall is my hero because if she hadn't gone to Africa to study chimpanzees in the dedicated way that she did, how would the world know so much about these amazing and cute apes? Jane Goodall is a person worthy of many awards for her work to draw attention to saving our environment, rain forest, trees and chimps too. If she didn't go, chimps might not still be wild in the world. I will tell you about Jane's life, a bit about chimps and give you some information on a program to get involved with too. You will also read about the oldest chimp in the world, but not in the wild. His name was Gergure.

Now to learn about Jane's life!
Jane was born April 3, 1934 in London, England. When she was little, her Dad was sent to the war and then sadly, he died. Her mom was single for the rest of her life. Jane's Mom didn't have a lot of money so Jane didn't go to college. But when she was 23 she went to Africa with Dr. L. Leaky. Dr. Leaky encouraged Jane to study chimpanzees. Jane was the first person to ever get to touch chimps in the wild, so she knows a lot!

Jane was married in March of 1964. She got a Ph.D in 1965. At first she just studied chimps, then she decided to educate the world about the wild chimp's endangered habitat and about how scientists were using chimpanzees to test medicine. And Jane wanted to put a stop to it. She let the world know how smart chimps are. She saw that chimps throw rocks as weapons and that they also make and use tools. They have social systems like us. I think that is cool!

Jane has done many things. She travels 300 days a year. She has done books, lectures, TV interviews, and educates people all over the world! She has also met a lot of people along the way and a lot of chimps too. She has made a lot of speeches and it must be fun. Other things you should know about Jane are that she is a primatologist and has won many awards for her work!

A picture of Jane Goodall
A picture of Jane Goodall

Now we can learn about Gregure.
This old chimp was a dear friend to Jane and her staff. He lived from 1942 to 2008. That is a long time for a Chimp. He died December 17, 2008 in his sleep. He was 66 years old. It was a sad day for Jane, her staff, and all the people who knew Gregure.

Jane has programs you can get involved with to help in your community. Roots and Shoots is a program where you can help the Earth by doing projects like picking up garbage and cleaning the environment. A little help can go a long way in the world. Roots and Shoots is a program where you can even meet Jane Goodall and she can see your project! Would that be fun or what? She has met people from Vancouver and all over the world!

Jane inspires me because she has been to Africa, lived there for two years and has been all over the world trying to make a difference for chimpanzees. You can get involved too. Join the Roots and Shoots program with a friend. Be inspired, have fun and make a difference in the World like Jane. I know I plan to do Roots and Shoots with a friend!

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