Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest
by Sy Montgomery

ISBN: 0743200268

MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.

To the local people of the Amazon, pink river dolphins are "botos," shape shifters that, in the guise of human desire, can claim your soul and take you to the Encante, an enchanted underwater world. Travel to the Amazon forest, where dolphins swim among treetops and the twenty-first century dissolves into the beginning of time.

Hero(es) associated:
Roxanne Kremer by Jennifer Beck

Users Reviews:

Dawn Silver 11/9/2007 5:07:39 PM
Hi, I am looking to get ahold of Roxanne Kremer and the e-mails I have recently sent came back undeliverable to PARD. Does anyone know where I may reach her? Dawn Silver Healing Earth Chicago This is the most recent contact info we have for her and her organization: Address: 3302 N. Burton Rosemead , CA 91770 USA Contact Person: Roxanne Kremer Phone: 626-572-0233 Fax: 626-572-9521 E-Mail: Website: -- The MY HERO Project Library Staff

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