"Teacher in Space" Christa McAuliffe's
Memory Still Vivid After 25 Years
A passion for learning results in a school for India's poorest children started a free school in India for poor children.Ana Eugenia Posada is a dedicated teacher who provides help and support to children with learning difficulties.Andrew Greene Jr. of Sierra Leone teaches the world
about peace.
Andrew Greene Jr. (español) de Sierra Leone, le enseña al mundo sobre la pazAnnie Mansfield Sullivan Macy developed new methods for teaching blind and deaf students.Annie Mansfield Sullivan Macy (español) desarrolló nuevos métodos para enseñar a los estudiantes ciegos y sordosAristotle was one of the greatest philosophers of all time.
Atsuko Shiwaku set up the International Intercultural Mural Exchange Project to promote peaceful coexistence.Baba Coleman is a drumming teacher who instills self-determination in his students.Barry Guillot is a middle school teacher who makes science come to life through service-learning.Barry Kramer empowers students to ask questions and find answers through Learning Circles, a telecollaborative learning experience.
Becky Miller is the General Editor for MY HERO.Bill Belsey is a teacher with a mission to stop bullying.Booker T. Washington was an educator and the founder of the Tuskegee Institute. Cami Anderson is working to improve the school system of Newark, New Jersey.
Carey M. Thomas was a pioneer and model for women in education.Charles Michel de L'Epee was a French educator known as 'The Father of the Deaf'.Charter Schools Expanding Rapidly
Across United States
Cheikh Darou Seck is an English teacher in Senegal who inspires his students to become MY HERO reporters.
Christa McAuliffe was the first teacher to fly in space.Christa McAuliffe (español) fue la primera maestra en volar en el espacioColonel Francis Parker was known as 'The Children's Crusader' and 'The Teacher of Teachers.' Domingo F. Sarmiento was a distinguished educator and president of Argentina.
Domingo F. Sarmiento (español) era un distinguido educador y presidente de ArgentinaDr. Ed Gragert works towards peace and global education.Dr. H. Arief Rahman is admired by his students for the way he speaks his mind and encourages them in their studies.Dr. Margaret Honey is working to transform the way we educate our children in science, math, engineering and technology.
Dr. Norman Isaacs is an inspiration to the staff and students at Millikan Middle School.Dr. Philip Zimbardo - Psychologist has created the Heroic Imagination Project to foster the belief that we are all heroes in waiting.Dr. Robert Ballard
and the JASON project
bring scientific exploration to children around the world.
Eeva Reeder is passionate about teamwork and hands-on, real-life applications of abstract mathematical concepts.
Elizabeth Daley has created an outstanding multi media educational program that serves as a model for the world.Emi Yuliaty encourages her students to believe that where there is a will there is a way.Erin Gruwell is the founder of Freedom Writers and an inspiration to teachers and students around the world.Eva La Mar uses visual learning and communication tools to deepen understanding of geography, geology and local history.
Film Festival 2005
Teacher Award
Get a Clue
Carol Anne McGuire
teaches visually impaired children and founded Rock Our World.
Friedl Dicker-Brandeis was an artist and teacher who gave children hope during the Holocaust.Gary Birch is a compassionate educator and role model to his students.Geoffrey Canada is an educator, social activist and president of the Harlem Childrens Zone in New York.
George N. Parks inspires his band students to do their best and have fun with music.Georgiana Munteanu, My English Teacher inspires her students to believe in themselves and to love and respect nature.Giuseppe Fortunati is a computer teacher from Italy who uses the Internet to promote cultural exchanges.Global Educator Award
George Lucas
is a global educator who has made a great impact on the world in the field of education.
Grace Lee Boggs has advocated for marginalized people for over 70 yearsGuillermo Ojeda-Lajud is a Mexican teacher who helps his students gain filmmaking skills to make a statement about their environment.Guillermo Ojeda-Lajud (español) es un maestro mexicano quien ayuda a sus estudiantes adquirir habilidades cinematográficas para hacer una declaración sobre su medioambiente Hector Morales teaches students to be self-sufficient environmentalists.
Hector Morales (español) enseña a estudiantes a ser ambientalistas autosuficientesHero Teachers of a Dyslexic is a personal story that seeks to guide and encourage students who learn differently. Jaime Escalante proved to the nation that inner-city students could master difficult subjects.James Burke developed a model of discovery called the Knowledge Web to connect information across space and time.
Janet Miller is a teacher who stepped up to prevent bullying of LGBT students.Janusz Korczak stayed behind to protect his orphan students during the Holocaust.Jean Enock Joseph teaches self-help to lift Haiti Jerrilyn Jacobs mentors her students in music, dance and filmmaking.
Jesse Thyne was a generous soul with a passion for teaching.Johann Olav Koss: Right To Play is a Norwegian Olympian who founded Right to PlayJohn Seigel Boettner brings his classroom out into the world and the world into his classroom through bikes and film. Judy Warner worked to create a public high school for technology.
Laura Nietzer inspires her students through the MY HERO Learning Circle.Laurel Schmidt encourages her fifth graders to get involved.Li Ling gives hope to disadvantaged children in China.Louis Braille invented a system of writing and reading used by blind people all over the world.
Louis Braille invented a system of writing and reading used by blind people all over the world.Louis Braille (español) inventó un sistema de escritura y lectura usado por gente ciega alrededor del mundoLudomatica offers technology and
creative learning
to disadvantaged Colombian youth
Luis Soriano Bohorquez started the Biblioburro Library in the mountains of Colombia.
Luis Soriano Bohorquez (español) comenzó la biblioteca Biblioburro en las montañas de ColombiaLuisa Orellana is an English as a second language teacher who inspires her students to reach for their dreams.Mali Bickley uses technology to help her students connect with their peers around the world to build empathy and tolerance.Mali Bickley is proud of her students who won Best Film (Rainforest Fable), Elementary category, of the 8th Annual MY HERO Film Festival.
Marco Torres helps students empower themselves through the mastery of multimedia.Maria Montessori developed a new approach to education. Mario Martin is a blind university Spanish professor who inspires others with his drive to suceed and his passion for Hispanic literature.Mario Martín (español) es un profesor ciego universitario de español quien inspira a otros con su deseo de triunfar y su pasión por la literatura Hispana
Marsha Goren is much beloved by her students for her genuine commitment to them.Martha Mecartney is a scientist, engineer and professor committed to helping young women interested in the field of science.Mary Lyon established the U.S.'s first college for women.Mary McLeod Bethune used education to help in the fight for racial and gender equality.
Mel Levine believes that students who understand their learning styles are better equipped for success.Mia Siscawati teaches people to protect their environment.Mika Vanhanen is the founder and director of Environment Online, a global virtual school for sustainable development.Mirian Acosta-Sing piloted a project to provide every student and teacher at Mott Hall School with a laptop.
Morris S. Schwartz was a professor who taught us how to live life with joy.Mrs. Linda Klepper has changed the lives of many young children as a second grade teacher.Mrs. Magdalena Domniteanu is a hero for her patience and ability to inspire her students with a love for learning.Mrs. Mignosa is a hero to Caitlin because she helps her with her studies after school.
Mrs. Nirmala
and the Eradication
of Malaria Project
are working in India to educate the public.
Mustapha Louznadji is an Algerian educator who leads by example and who brings out the best in his students and colleagues. Nancy Caruso is a marine biologist who helped bring kelp forests back to the California coast.Nawaraj Baskota is working to improve the education of the poorest children in Nepal.
Pat Bolanos founded Key Learning Community to cultivate multiple intelligences.Paul Cummins has devoted his career to finding ways to provide all children equitable access to a quality education.Peter Copen is the founder of iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)Pythagoras contributed to our understanding of mathematics, music and astronomy.
Raden Ajeng Kartini championed education and civil rights for women in Indonesia.Ralph Bunche was a diplomat and teacher who won a Nobel Peace Prize.Ranald MacDonald was a Native American/Scot wayfarer who helped open up Japan to the West.Razia Jan founded Razia's Ray of Hope to improve the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan.
Retired Florida Teacher Rebuilds School in Haiti Robert Moses founded The Algebra Project, which is committed to teaching math literacy.Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras uses music to inspire children to learn.Roberto Arevalo of The Mirror Project
teaches kids TV production.
Rowena Gerber and her students raise money to send Solar Ovens around the world. Rowena Gerber (español) y sus estudiantes recaudan dinero para mandar Hornos Solares alrededor del mundoRuth Simmons is breaking down barriers in the world of higher education. Ruty Hotzen inspires students from around the world through Talking Kites, iEARN.
Sadie Dunn is an inspiring role model as a teacher and great-grandmother.September McGee is an artist and a teacher.Sequoyah invented the Cherokee alphabet, which enabled Cherokees to record their history.Shannon Arnett impacts her students with her love and excitement for learning.
Shirley Blair helps bring education to Tibetan children from Nepal.Sir Ken Robinson is a passionate international advisor on education in the artsSocrates is an important founder of Western philosophy.Stephanie Joukoff coaches synchronized swimming and is a hero to Emily.
Susan Elizabeth Blow founded the first public kindergarten school in America.Susanna Wesley is known as the Mother of Methodism.Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet created the first school for the deaf and dumb and blind in America.Tokunbo O. Adebisi is a much respected teacher in Nigeria.
Tommie Hamaluba is a teacher in Botswana, Africa, working to eradicate malaria.Tony Bencivenga stresses the importance of social and emotional learning experiences.Two worlds, one classroom School that Reaches Out to children and families from the nearby slum in India. Valentina Mindoljevic is a science teacher who helped to provide aid to women and child refugees in Croatia.
Vicky Colbert de Arboleda is a leader in the movement to transform education in Colombia to provide equal access to all children.Vicky Colbert de Arboleda (español) una líder en el movimiento para transformar la educación en Colombia para proveer igualdad de acceso para todos los niñosViola Vaughn founded an organization that supports girls working to achieve academic success in Africa.Wendy Gorton is an educational technology consultant and Google Certified Teacher.
Wendy Jewell is a passionate MY HERO educator, writer and Learning Circle facilitator.Wendy Milette is a visionary filmmaker and educator.Wyatt Smith makes a deal with his students: Learn Chinese. Go to China.  

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