A Powerful Noise promotes the global empowerment of womenA Stranger helped a young girl who was lost in the city.Alan Beavan will be remembered for his bravery on Sept. 11, 2001.Albert Schweitzer had a 'reverence for life.'
Andeisha Farid is the founder of Afghan Child Education and Caring Organization (AFCECO)Andrea Coleman has used her passion for motorcycling to transform healthcare delivery in rural parts of Africa. Babak Darvish, MD inspires his patients and coworkers with his upbeat attitude and determination.Balto led his dog team on the lifesaving 1925 serum run to Rome, Alaska
Baroness Caroline Cox founded the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust.Ben Carson is the chief of neurosurgery
at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.
Bernard Fantus created the world's first blood bank.Bernard Kouchner is the co-founder of Doctors without Borders.
Bill Wilson changed countless lives and livelihoods by founding Alcoholics Anonymous.Bob and Suzanne Wright founded Autism Speaks to help find a cure.Bob Geldof is known for his anti-poverty work for Africa and is a Nobel Prize nominee.Brian Mullaney is the founder of Surgery for the Poor.
Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara believed in freedom and saved many Jews during WWII.Claire Lalanne founded the Center for Nutritional Recovery.Colonel Jack H. Jacobs His extraordinary heroism saved the lives of 14 people.Connie Siskowski follows her true passion to care for the youngest of the caregivers.
Dan Mazur sacrificed climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest to save another climber.Daniel Hale Williams III was an African American doctor who was the first person to perform a successful open heart surgery.Danny Thomas is the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.Denis Mukwege Helps Women Ravaged By Congo War
Dennis Smith is an author and retired firefighterDesmond T. Doss became a medic during WWII and saved many lives.Doctor Steven Kopits was a compassionate physician who lives on in the hearts of his patients.Don Cheadle
and Darfur Now
deliver a call to action to stop the genocide in the Sudan.
Dr. David Applebaum was a selfless emergency room doctor in JerusalemDr. Ginger Holt saved Drew's leg when he was in the hospital.Dr. Gloria WilderBrathwaite was inspired to provide health care to the poor in the innner city.Dr. Hawa Abdi is a Somali doctor, human rights activist and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Dr. J. Larry Brown directs the national Center on Hunger and Poverty.Dr. Larry Thomas is the founder of the Tropical Health Alliance Foundation.Dr. Mark Jacobson works with AIDS patients in Tanzania.Dr. Michael DeBakey is the father of modern open-heart surgery.
Dr. Paul Brand was a compassionate surgeon who pioneered work in leprosy.Dr. Paul Farmer has dedicated his life to treating people in the poorest nations in the world.Dr. Van Halbach is a hero to the Ghenender family for saving Ingrid's life.Eddie Aikau loved the sea and often risked his life to save others
Edith Cavell was a nurse who risked her own safety to help others during WWIElena Caragiani-Stoenescu was the first woman pilot from Romania.Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female doctor and opened the first medical school for women.Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah rode a bike across Ghana to challenge the stigma of being disabled.
Evelyn H. Lauder founded the Breast Cancer Research FoundationFauzia Minallah is the founder of Funkor Childart Centre and an ARTIVIST.Firefighters in
New York City
are the heroes
of the day.
Fireworkers from Chernobyl bravely gave their lives to protect the safety of others during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
Florence Ngobeni urges African leaders to work for AIDS prevention.Florence Nightingale revolutionized nursing.Frances Moore Lappe works to eliminate the injustices that cause hunger.Franklin D. Roosevelt formed the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation for polio victims.
Fred Hollows saved the eysight of thousands of Aboriginal and poor people. Fridtjof Nansen was a daring explorer, a freedom fighter, and a selfless humanitarian. George Latham saved a girl from a burning car and is also a hero to his daughter.Giorgio Perlasca saved the lives of thousands of Jews during WWII
Haiti Relief:
How Kids Can Help
make a difference.
Harriet Tubman organized the Underground Railroad and helped lead slaves to freedom.Harrison Ford is an actor, humanitarian and ardent conservationist.Hazviperi Betty Makoni founded the Girl Child Network to transform lives.
Helene Gayle is one of the leading authorities on AIDS research.Help for Haiti Henry Dunant was the founder of the International Red Cross.Hermine Santrouschitz
(Miep Gies)
kept Anne Frank and her family safely hidden from the Nazis.
Hero is an extraordinary therapy dog.Howard Florey shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine for extracting penicillin.Irena Sendler helped Jewish children escape the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust.Ivan Beltrami joined the resistance during WWII and saved many Jews.
Janusz Korczak stayed behind to protect his orphan students during the Holocaust.Jarell Brooks saved a mother and her chldren during an attack at a movie theater.Jeremy Glick was a hero of Flight 93 and Emmy's beloved father.Jody Williams is a human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner who began a campaign to rid the world of landmines.
Joel Burns reached out to GLBT teens with a personal story and a message of hope. John Flynn dedicated his life to improving life for people living in the Australian Outback.John Polivchuk was a firefighter who inspired others with his bravery, selflessness and optimism.Jon Rose founded Waves for Water, which works on the front-line to provide clean water.
Judith Blair donated one of her kidneys to a man in desperate need.Julie Garner founded Project Yellow Light to help save lives.Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is a hero to Rachel who was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.Kennedy Odede grew his childhood dream of creating outreach centers for poor children like him.
Kurt Klein brought, among others, his future wife, Gerda, and Oskar Schindler, to safety.Lillie Hitchcock-Coit was a turn of the century firefighting hero.Lisa Nigro works to help the homeless in Chicago through the Inspiration Cafe.Liviu Librescu was a Virginia Tech teacher who sacrificed his life to save his students.
Los Topos de Mexico is one of the most elite earthquake rescue teams in the world.Louisa May Alcott was the beloved author of 'Little Women.'Malaria Campaign 2009 Students join together to eradicate malaria.MASSIVEGOOD - Niņos sin Malaria helps build a better world using micro-philanthropy and social media.
Maximilian Kolbe was a Catholic priest known for his great humanity during WWII.Melinda Gates is passionate about helping mothers and children in developing nations.Michael J. Fox works to find a cure for Parkinsons Disease.Michael Kelley beat all the odds as a paratrooper and police officer.
Mike Kelly risked his career as a surgeon to save Bob's life.Mikey Ray Frasier is a lifesaver three times over.Molly Melching, Tostan Founder empowers African communities to bring about positive social transformation based on respect for human rights. Molly Pitcher was a Revolutionary War heroine who bravely carried water to soldiers on the battlefield.
Moses Zulu established Children's Town in Zambia to teach AIDS orphans life skills.mpower harnesses the power of music to change youth attitudes about mental health.Nathaniel Dunigan creates hope for Ugandan orphans with HIV/AIDS.Nick Anderson and Ana Slavin challenge young people to get involved to help end the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.
Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his success in increasing the world's food supply.Olara Otunnu is devoted to saving the lives and futures of children in war-torn countries.Olivia Harrison founded an organization to help abandoned children in Romania.Oskar Schindler saved almost 1200 Jews during the Holocaust.
Oskar Schindler defied his countrymen and courageously helped to save Jews during the Holocaust.Oumoul Khary Sow founded the Caravan of Hope which travels to remote areas in Senegal to help prevent malaria.Pat Pedraja
and Driving for Donors
is helping young and old cancer patients receive the life saving bone marrow treatments.
Paul Rusesabagina saved the lives of more than 1200 Rwandans who took refuge in his hotel.
Peter C. Alderman Foundation helps heal the emotional wounds of victims of terrorism around the world.Princess Eliza Ella has been inspired by Eliza the hero in The Wild Swans by Hans Christian AndersonPutting pizzazz into pet adoption Raoul Wallenberg saved thousands of lives during the Holocaust.
RAWA promotes women's rights through non-violent action.Robert E. Kimura, M.D. is a hero to his niece in and out of the operating room.Rudolph Giuliani New York Mayor, was a compassionate leader following the World Trade Center attack.Ryan Hreljac helps build wells for clean water in Africa.
Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy encourages villagers to have the confidence to succeed.Santosh Thorat: After seeing Mumbai's slums bulldozed, he now works to save and restore them Sasa a young doctor in Burma keeps his promise to his village.Sindhu Ravishankar created the Vivid Vision Project to provide accessible eye care to impoverished communities in India.
Sir Elton John is a successful musician who is also a champion of LGBT and AIDS issues.Somaly Mam has dedicated her life to finding and mentoring children who have suffered from human trafficking.Sompop Jantraka helps poor children in Thailand to avoid child prostitution and obtain an education.Stephen Siller: From The Tunnel to the Towers was a firefighter who bravely sacrificed his life to save others on 9/11.
Susan G. Komen was the inspiration for her sister to reach out to other women with cancer.Tad Agoglia is founder of the First Response Team of America.Tendol Gyalzur provides a home and family for Tibetan and Chinese orphans.The Danish Resistance acted bravely in a time of darkness.
To Write Love On Her Arms was founded to help people suffering from depression and substance abuse.Tommie Hamaluba is a teacher in Botswana, Africa, working to eradicate malaria.Trisomy 18 Foundation raises awareness and supports research for cures for this genetic disorder.US Military Hospital in Germany
At Forefront of Saving U.S. Lives
Vilmos Farkas sacrificed his personal safety to save the lives of a couple of strangers.   

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