Ampuh Puan Nandini is a hero to her daughter, Bella.Andrea Suzanne Peterson is a hero to her little sister, Lindsey.Anita Mummert makes a difference in the lives of children, as a foster parent.Annie Glenn the wife of astronaut and senator John Glenn, is an inspiration for people with all kinds of disabilities.
Argelia Rivas de Prom is a champion tennis player who inspires her granddaughter.Art Miki founded the National Association for Japanese Canadians to help redress Japanese rights lost during WWII.Betty Rommetvedt Zagel is a caring mother and grandmother and continues to use her gifts to give to othersBrice Cunningham is a hero to his sister because of his attitude, drive and wisdom.
Calista M. Pierce makes and sells crafts to raise money for the Special Olympics.Catherine Malonza saved her brother's life.Cathie Campbell is raising three daughters on her own and works with autistic childrenChristian Roberts is a cancer survivor who taught his sister to appreciate the precious gift of life.
Cleo (Yaiya) inspires her granddaughter with her strength and sense of humor.Clint L. Hines inspires his granddaughter with his humility, compassion and faith.Clyde Briley inspires his granddaughter to make a difference in the world.Dad taught us about integrity, friendship, and putting in 100% of ourselves in anything we take on.
Dan & Amy Eldon are not only Kathy Eldon's children; they are also her heroes.David L. Kaplan is like a father to Becky Weitzman. David Lissak helped teens get back into school and will be missed by his family.Denise Buchner is a hero to her son, Oliver, because she helps people in Third World countries.
Derwin and Tori gave Ian, and other kids, a chance at a better life.Dick Hoyt is a dedicated Dad who breaks down barriers to his son's disability.Doris Marie Swords Poppler inspired her granddaughter with her community activism.Dorothy (Mama Dot) Humbert inspired her family when she went back to college in her 70s.
Dwayne Johnson is a role model for his proud younger brother, Kevin.Elena Vasilishyna beloved by daughter and community in Belarus.Erika is a hero
to her father,
Eddie Becker.
Ernest Jones, Sr. is admired by his granddaughter for having ''birthed a generation of leaders.''
Esther Okafor inspires her daughter to be a doctor.Esther Pfannensteil inspires her granddaughter with her generosity and deep faith.Etshteyn Michael was a Russian opera singer and his granddaughter's hero.Family and Friends A first grade class from New York tell us about their family heroes.
Family-to-Family links well-off families to others in need FAMOUS FATHERS who created something great.FATHER FIGURES can be a friend or teacher or even the neighborhood grocer.Fathers are heroes too!
Gatha N. Hegwood was a hero to her grandchild, RebekahGeorge Ritter von Trapp with courage and wit defended his family and country. Gerda Weissmann Klein is a Holocaust survivor and a hero to her great-great niece.Grace Croft Montgomery Kelly inspired her granddaughter to return to college in her forties to earn her degree.
Graham Hartley Woolfall was an accomplished architect who is admired and loved by his great granddaughter. Harry Leong contributes to the community in Chinatown, Philadelphia.Harry N. Frenchak is the greatest man his son has ever known.Harry Tao sets a wonderful example for his stepdaughter.
Heather Martina's Aunt Heather leaves everything to help others.Hj. I.Rochmah was a beloved single mother who raised 13 children.Hoang V. Vu never gives up; he knows there is always hope and teaches his daughter that 'Every little thing helps!'Ivan Babak is a hardworking immigrant father from Ukraine who helped build a caring and sharing community.
James John Christenson Jr. is a life-saving firefighter and a kindhearted, loving, stepfather.Jason Carpenter is a hero to his sister because of his strength, attitude and bravery in recovering from open heart surgery.Jeni Stepanek is an ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy who continues to spread her son Mattie's message of peace.Jennifer Porter is a hero to her daughter, Stephanie, because of the way she humbly cares for her family and others.
Jeremy Glick was a hero of Flight 93 and Emmy's beloved father.Jill Pyle is a teacher, a community volunteer, and a hero to Sammy.Jillian inspires her sister, Rachel, with her courage and compassion.Jim Coplin inspires his friend, Shauna, by the way he lives his life.
Joe Pinkerton is a hero to his daughter because he invents things that make the world a better place.John Baggs was like a father to many. John Fowler was a beloved father with a true spirit for adventure.Joneice proved
how strong a
kid can be to her
sister, Kia.
Josť Antonio Knight HernŠndez is tireless reporter and editor, a dedicated father, and a loving husband.Joseph Marcel Shook Jr. is a compassionate community leader and a hero to his son, Joseph.Karla Diane Hurrell and her husband have fostered over 150 children.Kathy Eldon inspired by her son, works for peace and tolerance.
Kelly Barnhill inspires her daughter with her commitment to help children with developmental disorders.Lady Bird Johnson inspired her great-granddaughter with her kindness and care for the environment.Leo A Strutner believed that if you love the people around you, the love will return to you as happiness. Lewis E. Seeley was an inspiration to his great-nephew, for his bravery and sense of humor.
Linda Hart is her granddaughter Rachel's role model in life.Lindsay Leigh Kimmett inspires her cousin to live life to the fullest and never stop growing.Linh Le provides for, protects, and loves his wife and his admiring son, Danny.Lula Mae Walker has been a foster parent to 300 kids.
Lyndon B. Johnson was John's great grandfather and the 36th President of the United States.Mahsuda Ali is admired by her daughter for being brave, kind and caring.Malick Seck is respected by his community and family for his humanitarian works, and his wisdom and dedication.Marija Intihar taught her granddaughter the importance of optimism and love
Mark Richard Casagrande bravely battled
cancer and was his daughter's hero.
Matthew C. Bausch wants to build a physical therapy facility.Matthew D. Cohen rescued his brother in a peaceful way.Matthew Renna is a magical wood carver who inspires his family.
Meredith Nelle Herndon inspires her sister to live life to the fullest.Michael James Lachtrup has taught his daughter to see the beauty and goodness in the world around her.My Father, Arthur Newman Actor, businessman, philanthropist Paul Newman on his dad.My Grandma teaches her grandchildren that hard work and courage can help them overcome difficult times.
My Hero, My Father The American Enterprise, September 2000My Mom, Christine raised three kids as a single mother and helps women and children escape abuse and violenceMy Mom, Michelle helped her family cope and stick together through difficult timesMy Sister: Jennifer Bird Women's basketball star Sue Bird talks about her sister and her hero: Jen Bird
Natalie Darwitz is an Olympic hockey champion who inspires her cousin with her perseverance and leadership skills.Nicholas Nicholson inspires his son with his hard work and care for his family and community.Oscar R. Ortiz is a devoted family man who became a minister and now helps the poor.Paco, My Dyslexic Hero Grandpa Paco shows Skye that she can succeed at anything...
Papa Lloyd did not let his blindness keep him from serving his community.Patrick and Angie Palmer are heroes to the young hero, AmberPaul Confiant is a loving and caring father to his son, P.J.Paula Watson is a role model to her granddaughter, Missy.
Peter E. Franz has worked very hard to become who he is today, and is his daughter's hero.Phyllis Utircia Simmons is an inspiration to her daughter, MiriamPiet Kroon is a talented Dutch filmmaker and devoted dad.Puring Estigo inspired her grandson, Marlon, with her love and faith in God.
Rachel Schloesser inspires her younger sister with her upbeat attitude and positive outlook on life.Raja Weksler helped her daughter survive in a concentration camp.Ralph Walter Perdue helped found the Fairbanks Native Association, advocating for local natives.Richard Lou Ellert is his son, Jesse's, hero.
Robert E. Kimura, M.D. is a hero to his niece in and out of the operating room.Robert Edward Doherty was an WWII veteran, a noted historian and author, and a beloved father, husband, grandfather, and friend.Ronald V. Dellums is a former U.S. Congressman who fought against apartheid in South Africa.Rose Marie Thomas donated time and effort to combatting childhood catastrophic diseases.
Ruth Kaminsky Michele's great grandmother escaped terrible tragedy and danger in Poland and created a new life for herself in Canada.Sadie Dunn is an inspiring role model as a teacher and great-grandmother.Shannon Holloway is admired by his grandson because he always helped people and had a positive outlook on life.Sharon Snyder is a role model, friend, and a constant source of strength, encouragement, and help.
Shequitta Kelly inspires her daughter with her accomplishments and her outreach to teens.Stephen Siller: From The Tunnel to the Towers was a firefighter who bravely sacrificed his life to save others on 9/11.Steven Sadicario is admired by his son for his work ethic and the way he finds time to spend with his family.Susan Ence is committed to giving full-time care to her husband, who was left paralyzed after an accident.
Tendol Gyalzur provides a home and family for Tibetan and Chinese orphans.The Gift of The Magi is a story about love.Theodore Roosevelt Dexter loved adventure and was a master storyteller.Therese Koutnik is an inspiration to her sister and a role model for girls who would like to become engineers.
Thomas Victor Cordiner is a devoted and loving father to his daughter, Sara.Tom Theurkauf is loved, honored and remembered by his family.Tommy Keith treated Matt as his own son and taught him the value of kindness and integrity.Valdez Family selflessly reached out to help a family in need.
Victoria Akinnitire inspires her son with her hard work and success.Wati Herlina Bolga Hasli, My Mother teachers her daughet to have confidence in herself and do her best.William J. Meyers taught the importance of taking time to enjoy LIFE, with music, art, laughter and friends. William Warren Bradley Former senator Bill Bradley on his father.

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