Global Exchange Rachel Carson Abraham Lincoln Mamadou Tall Diedhiou Global Exchange Nelson Mandela Shirin Ebadi Iqbal African Artwork Jean-Michel and Slater Erin Gruwell
Global Exchange Rachel Carson Abraham Lincoln Mamadou Tall Diedhiou Global Exchange Nelson Mandela Shirin Ebadi Iqbal African Artwork Jean-Michel and Slater Erin Gruwell

The MY HERO Project was founded in 1995 by Karen Pritzker, Jeanne Meyers and Rita Stern as a response to the lack of positive role models in the media for children. This not-for-profit website was built on the belief that people of all ages from around the world would participate by sharing stories, art, and short films that illuminate heroes from all walks of life.

What began as a simple idea has now become a global learning community that bridges the digital divide, promotes peace and tolerance, and allows people around the globe to have their voices heard in a safe, commercial-free, child-friendly environment. This has been accomplished through building our multimedia journal and digital library, providing support for thousands of teachers who use project-based learning in their classrooms, and making media arts education available to those in underrepresented communities so all can take part in this award-winning project.

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MY HERO has been visited by millions of people from around the world. All
are invited to participate on this multimedia project.


Dr. Kiefer, Superintendent of Public Schools in Troy, Ohio
"What a wonderful idea. There are many kids surrounded by hopelessness... programs that combat this succeed or fail based on whether a kid believes that with consistent effort he can attain his dream... I commend you for this effort."

William Hetzer, Broadcast Communications Chief of UNICEF
"MY HERO is a wonderful initiative. Giving children the opportunity to use the media and express themselves is a UNICEF priority. The MY HERO project enables and empowers kids to do that."

Gloria Brown a teacher in Connecticut
" I have sung the praises of the web site for many months- Keep up the good work!"

We are also indebted to our audience, whose kind letters keep us getting out of bed in the morning:
"I just wanted to thank you for your hero page. I ran across it by accident while I was doing research for my Sunday School class. Needless to say, you provided me with some very good material that Sunday. I have been exploring it some more tonight, and it is a wonderful source of inspiration and information. We really need heroes, and your page shows us that we can all be heroes and become like the great heroes of the world. Again, thank you for your page. I have added it to my list of favorite places, and I will return here often."
Ken Weber from Alexandria, Virginia

"The site is great. You are making a worthwhile contribution to society. There are probably some poor choices of places to visit on the internet but what you are doing is providing good choices. Thank You and may you be blessed in your efforts to provide good choices."
Dennis Coyle

"Laguna Beach's Jeanne Meyers (one of the producers of the MY HERO Web site) like a lot of other moms was pretty tired of all the trash on TV. She decided to do something about it: create a positive, interactive TV program showcasing "unsung" heroes. With the My Hero home page viewers can submit their heroes and suggestions. No sex, no violence; just a lot of heroes. Now there's novelty."
Terence Loose, Coaster Magazine


Laura Boswell, Editor of Healthy Kids Magazine
"From Amelia Earhart to modern day heroes, we all need role models to look up to - people who inspire us to new heights. For children too, heroes are important, in that they help kids overcome fears, set personal goals, and accept challenges."

Rebecca Elder, Ph.D., St. Louis Children's Hospital
"It's important that kids have these kinds of heroes, as they demonstrate a way of making the impossible attainable; it gives children something to stretch for."

Adam Starchild, author
"Heroes are catalysts for change. They create new possibilities. They have a vision, and the skill and charm to implement their vision."

George Lucas, Producer of Star Wars
"Mentors help novices learn by doing - applying theory in practice – and also inspire them, keeping them motivated to persevere. I've featured such relationships between mentors and apprenticeships in my Star Wars films. I hope more teachers can benefit from mentoring."


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