MentorsMothers are often mentors to their children and to others. Mothers can teach how you how to tie your shoes or how to ride a bicycle. They can teach you how to make friends and when to say "thank you." We learn from our mothers how to be the best person we can be. Sometimes the most important thing we learn from our mothers is how to be a great mother.

Mentor Moms

Sarah from Lorain, Ohio

My mother is my hero and mentor because even though she went through some tough times when she was alive she always stood by and supported my sister and me in anything we did, even when she thought it was wrong and wouldn't help us. She loved us not because she had to but because she wanted to. She died of cancer in November of 1997. She fought it till the end, never acting like she didn't know that she would die eventually, but she always told me to reach for the stars and to accomplish my goals and dreams.

Lil from Brisbane, QLD Australia

My mother is my hero because when she had cancer, she didn't just give up hope and lose the battle, she kept living her life to the fullest. She did things that she would have done if she didn't have cancer and a lot of people would have just given up. She did all that she could for my brother and me. Even though she did die I still think she won the battle.

Allison from Bemidji, MN United States

My hero is my mom, Cheryl. Ever since I was a little girl all I ever wanted to be was a mother. Not just any mother, someone like my mom. She isn't rich, and she doesn't have the material things that most women have. Mom has never asked for anything from her children except to be honest. About 3 years ago my dad was convicted of embezzling money, and she stood by him after most of his friends and family shunned him away. Sure I imagine that she was upset with him but she never let it show in front of her children. After my brothers and I were teased mom told us not to be ashamed of our dad because of what he did. He did wrong and he was paying for it. My dad is the only dad that I will ever have. I didn't understand how my mom could still love this man. After my dad got out of jail one day later he was in an accident that almost ended his life. We were all afraid that my dad was going to die, but despite the doctors telling the family that it didn't look good. My mom told us children that dad was going to be all right. Where my mom got her strength I'll never know? The family name was dragged in the mud, we were poor, and with my dad almost dead, she held her head high. If I could be half the woman that she is... I have never told my mom how much I love her. I am enlisted in the Navy so in a few months I will be leaving for basic training. I am going to miss my mom, she's not only my mom she's my best friend. The values that she instilled in me will be with me forever.

Nicole from Phoenix, AZ US

My hero is my Mom, Edith. The reason why she's my hero is that she gave up everything to raise her two beautiful baby girls. She gave up her teenage life. She dropped out of school to raise a beautiful baby girl when she was 17 years old and had another beautiful baby 9 years later at 24. She did this so that her kids could be well taken care of and have a wonderful mother that loved them very much. Through all that, she managed to complete high school and start college, while still having time for her two beautiful girls, Tonya and Nicole, who are now 23 and 15 years old. As for the 15 year old, Mom still doing a great job of raising me.

Tara from Kaufman, Texas, United States

My hero is my mom. My mom stays up real late at night doing things around the house. She gives us what we want, and if she doesn't have the money, she scrapes up the money for the things we want. She is going to graduate from college May the 8th, and during the times when she had homework, and could not do anything around the house, she would give the extra effort to make things work. She gives up her time for the good of people. She touches every body's lives, especially the students that she helps teach. She is a mentor for many kids, and put off going to college so she can raise a family. That is why my mother is my hero.

Visitors to MY HERO have identified mothers of all kinds as heroes. Some are mentors; many are single moms. Sometimes they are people who seem "just like a mother."

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